Macron on the Meaning of Life

This is so good and hope-inspiring, I would like to repeat it here. The French President Emmanuel Macron recently (April 2018, see twitter) said:

“Some people think that securing current industries and their jobs is more urgent than transforming our economies to meet the global challenge of climate change. I hear these concerns. But we must find a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. Because what is the meaning of our life, really, if we work and live destroying the planet, one sacrifice things for the future of our children.
What is the meaning of our life if our decision, our conscious decision, is to reduce the opportunities for our children and grandchildren.
By polluting the oceans, not mitigating CO2 emissions, and destroying our biodiversity — we are killing our planet.
Let us face it. There is no planet B.(Source)

Of course, we are not “destroying the planet” itself. We need to protect the planet and its biodiversity for our children. But that is precisely how I understand Macron.

Thank you, Emmanuel Macron!

(© Gregor Hagedorn 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0, first publ. 2018-05-14, last updated 2018-05-14.)

1 thought on “Macron on the Meaning of Life

  1. I would be caucious though with my praise of Macron. These are nice words, but there is no clear vision.
    Lets face it, there is no way of saving our ecosystem AND saving capitalism at the same time. One of the two will go, and Macron is first and foremost a capitalist.


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